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Let us help your graphic vision come alive!

35 years in creating special effects and CGI for feature films, made for TV movies, commercials, television series, as well as military and legal presentations and proposals.

Jack "Deuce" Bennett II started his career in the motion picture and television industries as a physical special effects man. This gives Deuce the unique background in film/television production to know those industries from the same perspective as the creative director in most commercial CGI productions. Being familiar with the roles of director, cinemetographer, lighting engineer, and all aspects of post-production means he spends more time getting what you need, rather than getting up-to-speed on what issues you need solved.

Working with concepts from no more than a napkin sketch has been the hallmark of the work that Creative Imagineering, Inc. has done since changing from physical effects to creating work in the computer. Most clients have a vague idea of what they want, it's the artistic abilities of Creative Imagineering, Inc. to bring those ideas into a more cohesive package for the client. If you even have just a spark of an idea, let Creative Imagineering, Inc. grow that into a flame.


Creative Imagineering Inc.
Animation for 3D Graphics.

Custom work for Visualizations for Legal Presentations, Military Proposals, Product Commercials, including VFX for TV, Movies, and Game Productions.


Creative Imagineering
Animation for 2D projects.

Custom work for presentation graphics. Print resolution renders, power point graphics and design, flash animation graphics, and "on screen" graphics for Television and Film productions.


Creative Imagineering
Visual communication and problem-solving.

Custom work to include logos and branding, magazines, newspapers and books, print advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and elements, signs, and product packaging. .

What we do

Creative Imagineering, Inc. has made a reputation, both in the physical special effects industry as well as the computer generated graphics industry for having a creative way to solve problems where others find excuses. In it's long history of working around timelines that change, budgets that shrink, and ideas that have not been totally thought out, Creative Imagineering, Inc. rises to the occasion with solutions to fit any needs.

Contract Graphic Artist

Let us help you with your commercial production. Logos, branding, magazine graphics, newspaper graphics, product demonstrations, website graphics both static and animation. Flash, print, power-point, any resolution or need can be met.

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Contract VFX Artist

Remote contract capable for any VFX production including TV, Film, and Game graphics. Have worked in character animation, particle effects, fluid simulations, technical direction, rigging, and custom modeling.

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Graphics for movies can take many forms. From visual effects to titles and even what is referred to as 'on-screen' graphics for computer or monitor displays on set. Having done all of these and more the requirements are known by our artist.



Graphics for TV can be product demonstrations, new product releases, visual effects, compositing, logo designs, effects, and character work. Having done these diciplines we know the ins and outs of all aspects of this medium.


Legal Presentations

Graphics play more importance in presentations for legal council more now than ever before. Legal council is only given a short period of time to bring all of a jury up-to-speed on all aspects of a case, and the best way to do that is with a graphic presentation. No more true is the statement that a picture is worth a thousand words, then an anmiation must be worth millions.



Every industry can use a graphic artist. Whether it's a new safety video, a demonstration of a new procedure, or how to properly perform a task, graphic presentations can lead the way. Business leaders need to communcate to shareholders in a fast and efficient way. Again, presentations created with good clear graphics can get that process down to an art.